Law and politics in an era of perpetual war.

How do we keep our moral wits about us in a time of such chaos and conflict? I think this article gets the discussion moving in the right direction by pointing out that this is the new normal. Or maybe more correctly, it’s just plain normal. Regardless, we need to resist the temptation to lower our expectations with regard to the rule of law.

“What would it mean, in practice, to develop a law and politics premised on the assumption that we will remain unable to draw meaningful boundaries between war and peace? I don’t know. It will take many minds and many years to figure this out. But the task is not impossible if we stick to the core principles enshrined in America’s founding documents: that life and liberty are unalienable rights, that no person should be arbitrarily deprived of these rights, and that no one — no individual, no organization, no state — should be able to exercise power unaccountably.”

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