About Jan

My focus is on assisting startups and closely-held businesses throughout the entire life cycles of their businesses. I’m lucky to have built a successful practice based on working with the kind of people I respect and like. I take great satisfaction helping them build and influence a city that I love and call home.


Jan was so incredibly proficient in the work we requested from him. Timely, professional and truly an expert. We appreciated his work so very much, he pulled us out of bit of a bind! Thank you Jan!

– The Shop

Jan was absolutely great at helping me deal with a condo board that decided to go back on their agreement with me to rent out my unit. The board changed their mind after my tenant had already signed a lease and moved in and were trying to force him out. The board was threatening a lawsuit as was my tenant. Jan took care of everything and completely took the stress off of me. In the end Jan made it so my tenant could finish his lease and I sold the condo after he moved out. I highly recommend Jan.

– Sarah

I had been doing business for years as a web designer, starting off on my own and latter adding a few employees. For all those years, web design projects were based upon little more than a handshake. After getting burned a few times, I started to educate myself on putting together web design agreements. I started to use these agreements, but I had no idea if they were legally binding or whether they would hold up in a court of law. I finally reached a point where I couldn’t stand the legal ambiguity anymore, so I turned to my network of friends and family and asked for help finding a business attorney. My sister, who’s opinion I hold it high regard, said, call Jan Pierce. I did, and I am happy that I did. In our initial consultation, I told Jan about my business and what I thought I needed. Within the hour, we figured out I needed several types of agreements and he gave me an estimate of what it would take to draft those agreements. I value legal advice and I knew that good legal counsel comes at a price. So, I wasn’t afraid of what it would cost to have legal peace of mind. I’m happy to report that the legal services provided by Mr. Pierce have been invaluable. Over the years, Jan has provided me with sound legal advice and I would recommend him to those just starting out in business or those who have been in business for years. Jan is a great talker and he’s an even better listener. He’s also an expert and he will give you the legal advice that you need.

– Nereus

To put it simply, Jan Pierce changed my life. We met when he was knocking on doors while he was running for a local government office. I was most impressed by his personality and willingness to sacrifice his time for the betterment of his community. He’s incredibly smart but he’s Everyman…The fact he was a lawyer was not of immediate importance to me at the time as I was recovering from an injury and my plans were on hold… As my life was able to gain momentum again, the implementation of my plans dictated numerous legal necessities. My first call was, of course, to Jan. From real estate transactions to business/incorporation matters to contractor mediation, he’s performed and provided everything I’ve needed in an absolutely professional manner. A true Neighborhood Lawyer.

– Michael

Having Jan on board of my small business team was the best decision I ever made. Jan is not only knowledgeable but super easy to talk to and explains the processes in a way that anyone can understand. And if that all wasn’t enough, he is very understanding and personable, treating you as a person not just a case. Jan is the LAW NINJA, thank you for all you have done for me and my family.

– Shyanne

Attorney Jan Pierce was a blessing to my family and I. I was having major issues with my mortgage company and their 203K HUD renovation consultants and contractors. Jan knew my rights as a consumer and advised me well. Saving me tens of thousands of dollars. I can’t thank him enough. He made a terrible situation a whole lot better.

– Carl

Jan Pierce is exceptionally competent and resolute for the startup phase of any organization or business. He has helped myself, and several other local entities jump start and maintain their operations. His practice is an ethical one – keeping his fees lower than the standard market for legal services to increase access to legal help. I also appreciate Jan for his dedication to the well-being of his community. Overall, a very smart and trustworthy human for handling my legal needs.

– Jessica

Jan helped me fire a management company from their contracted responsibilities. After working with Jan, the management company refunded me every dollar they owed me. Jan is EXTREMELY responsive, listens to what the client needs and wants, then gets the job done. I will definitely use him again for ANY type of situation that comes my way.

– Kristen

I came to Jan to help me negotiate a new retail shop lease for my business, after 4 years I was expanding and faced a lengthy lease that was well out of my realm of experience. Jan talked me through the points that were new to me and helped me negotiate a fair & manageable lease with my new landlord that I felt confident in. He was very communicative and took the time to not just do the work for me, but educate me so I walked away with more knowledge and felt great about the whole experience. I would highly recommend working with Jan if you find yourself in need of legal advice!

– Steph

I used to be that person who would start to feel queasy and get nervous at the thought of having to reach out to discuss an issue with an attorney. After being introduced to Jan, I now have no fear when a topic comes up in my small business that requires some legal counsel. Jan is EASY to reach, EASY to talk to, and EASY to understand. I appreciate his no fuss approach to dealing with what is almost always an emotional or difficult topic to work through. I have recommended him to many other small business owners who might not feel they have the resources to work with legal counsel, because what I learned was that as a small business, you can’t afford NOT to have him on your team. Don’t think twice about it, he’s the best.

– Carrie

I worked with Jan to help create photography contracts that could be used electronically for my business. Jan is personable and down-to-earth, creating an environment in which you can feel comfortable asking questions about your case. He speaks to you in a way that makes you feel empowered. Jan is also an active member of the community, hosting and attending many events, which makes him in touch with our city and our people. He is definitely someone you want on your team.

– Jessica

Jan has worked with me for the last 6 months, in regards to a commercial property I’m selling. He has worked very close with me in keeping in touch and always returning phone calls or messages. He is very honest and fair in his rates, I would highly recommend his services to any of my family or friends. Jan is a very positive person!!

– Chuck

i have used mr jan pierce for several legal matters. he has drafted up several business contracts for me, quickly and properly. his prices are very fair. he is not a price gouger. he is incredibly fair for his services. large or small, he took care of all of my needs, and is easy to get a hold of with very quick responses. couldn’t be happier! he is currently my attorney and id use him again in a heartbeat for anything else. great guy!

– Chuck

Jan helped me to handle a challenging situation by helping me to understand the legal system, advocating on my behalf, and providing me with informed options. He seemed to readily be free for consultation and was quick to respond to my requests. As an active member in our community, I met Jan shortly after moving to Bay View as he entered the race for Alderman. I had recently graduated and moved leaving behind a condo as rental property. This was successful until the condo association changed their rental practice putting me in a tough position with renters and debt. Jan consulted with me on how to intervene with the association. When my intervention did not work, he stepped in to communicate with the condo’s lawyers. Ultimately, when I had to make the tough decision to foreclose, Jan was there to help me through the process.

– Allison

Over the last year I have employed Jan for the purchase and development of a commercial property. His expertise is obvious and immediately put me at ease that things regarding the purchase would be handled completely. I put him in touch with my bank and accountants in order to streamline my involvement. He coupled with both easily and things progressed without complication. As I worked on the development of the property he was always available for consultation. He’s personable and has lived an adventurous life so conversation is easy interesting when breaking from ‘business’.

– Paul

My company hired Jan Pierce to represent us in an emotional lawsuit with a client. Not only was Jan efficient but he was effective in representing our position, work ethic, facts, and more importantly the law in which we are all protected. He is honest and compassionate and worked tirelessly on and off the clock to ensure all communication was conveyed and understood by both myself and opposing counsel. He worked as if I were his most important client and that’s exactly what you need when legal expertise is needed.

– Kristen

Jan has been my lawyer for almost a decade. I met him when he was working at a large law firm and he helped my partner and I establish 3 businesses. I was happy when I found out Jan was starting his own law firm, not only because I knew I would get better rates than the large firm (which I did), but I knew he wouldn’t be confided to the archaic rules of the large law firms. I have used Jan the last couple of years to establish a new business, as well as help my family sell an estate property. He always answers the phone, or calls you back within minutes if he’s with another client. Even on a Sunday afternoon when he should be enjoying his time with family and friends, he is willing to take a phone call or e-mail to help you out. I highly recommend Jan for anyone looking for an honest lawyer who will look out for your best intentions.

– Adam

My husband and I had a vision for a non-profit real estate company that would allow us to give back into the community, all while helping those that have low income to rent a home that would be fully remodeled for a price within their bracket. We represented it to Jan and he gave us wise counsel on the matter and was able to help us interpret our thoughts on paper so we could present our vision to the IRS with the language that the IRS would understand. We are happy to say that today we hold our non-profit papers that were approved by the IRS.

– Richard

Jan is someone you’ll be happy to have on your team. I’ve used Jan for three separate business ventures and have been 100% satisfied with his services. He is very entrepreneurial spirited and is able to find the best approach at making sure that not only your interests are protected but also gives a great perspective on what actually makes sense when it comes to agreements and contracts. He provides counsel that is aimed at ensuring you succeed. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to refer him to my best friends – as I already have. Like them, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

– Peter

I hired Jan to set up my small business and to review a business contract for me. He responded to my questions by email quickly and when we met in person, he laid out all the pros and cons of different business structures (e.g., LLC vs. Inc.). Jan clearly understood small business issues well. I felt well informed when I chose the business structure that was right for me. Jan has an easy, friendly, and relaxed manner which made him very pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him to others.

– Tommy

Jan played a pivotal role when I wanted to start a non-profit organization. He met with me, listened to my ideas and supported my vision. He got to work right away and let me know exactly what I needed to do and how to do it. His communication was excellent throughout the entire process, and was readily available for questions and concerns. I have no hesitations about recommending Jan to anyone…friends, family or strangers! Thank you Jan for a job well-done! I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Ryan

I worked Jan Pierce to review several client contracts, and soon after when setting up my photography business as an LLC. Jan was highly recommended to me by several other associates working in Milwaukee creative fields, and he really understood the challenges and considerations unique to small business owners. He was open, honest and very easy to communicate with throughout the entire process, and made everything easy to understand. I look forward to working with him again, and would highly recommend his services.

– Jennifer

Very professional and helpful. Lots of knowledge of the laws regarding my case. He was up front and honest. All my questions were discussed and clearly answered.

– Eric

Jan came to us as a recommended business expert in the area of minority business certification. Jan is bright and passionate about his field of practice. His knowledge of the processes and his keen ability to help us navigate through it made the certification process completely painless. As a result we have used Jan and his expertise on more than one occasion and will do so again in the future as business needs arise.

– Corrinne

We have only been working with Attorney Pierce for a short while but so far we couldn’t be happier. He has proven to be very accessible, which is huge for a small business. Also, I always felt our former attorney rounded his hours up. Pretty sure Jan rounds hours down. Easy access and fair rates; whats not to like?

– John

When we are looking for a lawyer we start with the basics and that is: communication skills, responsiveness, quality of service and value. With Jan Pierce we are getting more than that. I had experience with other lawyers for our business prior to working with Mr. Pierce, we overpaid, waited forever for cases to close, etc., but not anymore. Mr. Pierce takes everything considered, and in a short period of time advises us in detail of every possible way to handle the matter and then it is much easier to make the right decision on the basis of that report.

– Miroslav

I am the CEO of a new start-up business and I have been working with Jan for almost 1 year. He has been INVALUABLE in his assistance, advice and support such as providing referrals for other professionals (e.g., accountant, insurance provider) that I have needed in the process of starting my business. His fee has been extremely reasonable and worth every cent. I would recommend Jan without reservation to anyone in the process of starting or thinking about starting a new business. I have no background in business and Jan has taught me so much valuable information- even outside of the specific legal items we have worked on. Jan is very responsive (within less than 24 hours, but typically within several hours) to my emails and phone calls and has gone above and beyond in his role as my business attorney. He is highly intelligent, and very pleasant and easy to work with. I consider him to be an integral part of the success of my new business.

– Nancy

Jan is a great lawyer, he has a combination of high intelligence, strong analytical and advocacy skills. He has a passion for his field of practice. He fosters a high level of commitment to his work. Jan understand his client’s objectives, and he advocate on those basis. For example, myself and business partners hired Jan to help us resolve a business deal that went bad, then he continued to work with us by guiding our team in the direction to something better. His passion and dedication to see you through your dreams are a dream come true.

– Tammy

I was referred to Jan when I was looking to sign a lease for my acupuncture clinic. This was a big endeavor for my business, as I had always subleased spaces with short-term contracts before signing this 7 year lease. I was having a lot of communication issues with the landlord while negotiating the lease terms and build-out costs. Jan was so wonderful at helping me be assertive with communicating my needs, which lead to a wonderful relationship with both Jan and my landlord. I have gone back to use Jan’s services many times since. He has wonderful service, never rushes the process, keeps things light with humor, and doesn’t nickle and dime the communication. You won’t be disappointed if you chose to work with him. Thank you, Jan!

– Aubrey

My husband and I have found Jan to be very approachable and calm. He has helped us set up an operational agreement for our business as well as advised us with a situation that was very important to the success of our business. We are very comfortable with him and trust his judgment and referrals.

– Ann

I received a referral for Mr. Pierce through an economic development organization for small businesses. I found him to be patient, fair, and honest. He assisted me in sorting out various issues including taxes, and real estate. He was clear in what he saw as his specialty and strengths. For areas that he did not have the ability, he clearly shared this. He accommodated my schedule and was very accessible. He made his fees clear up front. I would use him again.

– Bevelyn

I asked Jan to set up a first time business entity for me and he took time to fully educate me in all aspects of the entity type and explaining the pros and cons of each. With no hesitation, I went back to Jan to set up a second business entity. He is all you want from a lawyer when you need help. He is a true professional and honest attorney who knows his trade and is willing to help clients at a very reasonable cost.

– Al

Jan is a talented and professional counselor. I have retained him to consult on construction/contract law, business development/incorporation and with real estate transactions. He is approachable and fair, always providing solid guidance in lieu of simply telling me what I may have wanted to hear. Jan is a proud and humble steward our community with a deep love of Milwaukee. He continues to be an integral part of my business team.

– Darren

I’m a small business person who hired Jan to re-write a client contract for me. He did a fine job and was prompt and his fees were affordable. Highly recommended.

– Alan

Jan is an excellent attorney that we have used a number of times for a variety of issues. He is well informed, professional, and very easy to deal with. He takes the time to explain things in plain English that us non-lawyer types can easily understand. We look forward to using him again in the future.

– David

I retained Jan to transfer over an existing business (LLC) to me. The process was tricky, but Jan navigated the legalities expertly. Jan was extremely easy to work with, and patient in explaining everything to me. I can’t speak highly enough of him, and I would certainly use him again for future endeavors.

– Nell

Jan is an excellent lawyer – very personable and knowledgeable. He has helped me with starting a business and purchasing a home. Would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

– Holly

Jan recently helped my business file a suit and settle for exactly what we thought was a fair outcome. He aimed high, went up against a very aggressive firm and knew exactly what steps to take to get the results we needed. He kept our case from going to federal court by tough, well thought out negotiations on our behalf, saving us a ton of money and achieving a settlement we deserved. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking affordable, quality legal assistance for small business.

– Stacy

I can count on one hand the number of lawyers I trust. Jan is the top of that list. He is kind, hardworking and honest about your situation. Jan goes out of his way to make sure people find the clearest path to do the right thing. It is refreshing to have legalese explained in a way you can relate to and make informed decision on. My small business and personal legal needs are in his trusted hands.

– Shannon

We retained Jan to advise us on the legal aspects of buying a house. He was extremely helpful, and his fee was quite reasonable. He advised us as to all of the required paperwork, prepared the formal offer and necessary amendments, and attended the closing with us. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

– Dave

I hired Jan Pierce when I set up my LLC. He fit me into his schedule quickly and then was patient as he explained all of the variables that went into registering a small business. As my business has grown I have utilized Jan as a resource a number of times — most recently when entering into a lengthy contract. Upon receiving Jan’s advice, I was able to re-negotiate the contract to better serve me. He pointed out quite a few instances described in legalese I would have missed. I would highly recommend him.

– Cortney

My business partner and I worked with Jan to convert our business from a LLC to a nonprofit. Jan had prior experience with applying for nonprofit status, and felt confident about our business being approved. After we shared some details, he filled out the grueling application and made the whole process far less painful for us than we expected it to be. His rate was very reasonable. He even went above and beyond by continuing to check in with the IRS after our application was taking longer to process. We recently got our approval, and Jan was the first to contact us congratulating us. I highly recommend Jan Pierce.

– Amy

Jan is a pleasure to work with. He is really geared toward helping businesses (big or small) and he provides tremendous customer service. He is very accessible and available. He has helped my business with several documents from NDAs to operating agreements and employment agreements. Jan Pierce Law provides a phenomenal value that you will not find at a big law firm.

– Trevor

Jan has been very helpful with our small business endeavors. LLC registration, contract consultations, consults and advice – all have been excellent interactions with Mr. Pierce.

– Stacie

We are a family owned business and as our interactions and dealings got more and more complex, Jan stepped right in to the mess, made everything better and now myself and the other owner are much more secure and satisfied in our business dealings knowing Jan is in our corner. Jan has been nothing but a wealth of knowledge and know-how with our issues and has helped us look those few steps ahead that make all of our new business run that much smoother. And if you want to hear it or not Jan will tell you like it is, which is refreshing. I say call or reach out and see for yourself.

– Kristine

Jan does a ton of contract work for us and has established a number of companies on our behalf. He’s been great at dealing with our sometimes-foggy ideas and distilling them into legal sense.

– Tim

My boyfriend and I worked with Jan to create contracts after we purchased an investment property together. Jan was a great listener, and answered all of our questions patiently. He balanced our future plans with our current needs to make sure we were getting no more or less than we required. His office is casual and welcoming, just like him! I have recommended him many times, and will continue to do so.

– Amanda

Practice Areas

I now limit my practice exclusively to business and real estate transactional work. This includes choice of entity, drafting and reviewing operating and shareholder agreements, buying and selling businesses and real estate, drafting and reviewing leases, and “business divorce.”

My legal experience includes work in the following areas: general business, residential and commercial real estate, landlord-tenant, civil litigation, bankruptcy, debtor and creditor rights, as well as intellectual property.


I studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and served for ten years in the Army Reserves. I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Viterbo University and worked for several years as an accountant at two Milwaukee corporations before going on to earn my J.D. from Marquette University Law School. I have been practicing law since January of 2000, mostly in larger Milwaukee firms until 2012. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of clients launch their businesses, acquire and lease real estate, navigate the downturn in the economy, and expand their operations.


I studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and served for ten years in the Army Reserves. I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Viterbo University and worked for several years as an accountant at two Milwaukee corporations before going on to earn my J.D. from Marquette University Law School. I have been practicing law since January of 2000, mostly in larger Milwaukee firms until 2012. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of clients launch their businesses, acquire and lease real estate, navigate the downturn in the economy, and expand their operations.


Phone:  (414) 755-2258

Email:  jan@janpiercelaw.com

2018 S. 1st Street #517
Milwaukee, WI 53207-1102

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    Phone:  (414) 755-2258

    Email:  jan@janpiercelaw.com

    2018 S. 1st Street #517
    Milwaukee, WI 53207-1102

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      My office is in the Lincoln Warehouse, a converted five-story warehouse building. Park in the lot at the northwest corner of the building, and enter there as well. Go directly up the stairwell to the fifth floor. My office is across from the stairwell.